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LeadingAlive. is about connecting wholehearted, effective leadership and health through a neuroscience perspective.


LeadingAlive. addresses leaders and organisations who aspire to strengthen their leadership effectiveness whilst preserving individual as well as organisational health, who treat their employees as human beings rather than assets, and who run their businesses in an ethically responsible way.


LeadingAlive. is an evolving project, consisting of a series of highly interactive (self-)leadership workshops, that integrate evidence-based theory and practice from various emerging fields crucial to effective leadership, including neuroscience, 21st-century organisational development, and health.


LeadingAlive. is a cooperation of Hilde Eiselen, based in Ireland and the UK, and Christina Neuhoff, spice in presence, based in Cologne, Germany. 


​Hilde Eiselen works with career virtuosos. Her own career spans the executive and personal growth areas. With a background in psychology and an MBA from Trinity College, Dublin, she was for ten years CEO of the Trinity Institute of Management Education, a centre for international senior executive programmes. Before that she held executive management positions in multi-national corporations. Born in South Africa, Hilde has worked in 24 countries and lived in 6. She now owns an executive retreat in the Wicklow hills, not far from Dublin. This location facilitates Hilde’s work and research on the relationship between successful, sustained leadership and wellness. Choosing to live in Ireland, she can indulge her passion for people, deep love of nature and the outdoors. 

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Christina Neuhoff  combines a leadership career in the IT industry with comprehensive consulting experience in the field of life-long learning and organisational change for large and medium-sized companies. Her research focus extends across positive change, employee engagement, human-centered innovation and design, and personal growth. Tina founded the business consultancy spice in presence to facilitate appreciative change and to support her clients in enhancing organisational life. She contributes a mix of sharp analysis, depth, creativity, lateral thinking and wit to her facilitation and coaching processes. To refuel her own capacities, she taps into art, jazz and travelling.

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„If you want a workshop that will resonate with you months afterwards, one that gives you practical tools to improve your life everyday, rather than just interesting theory; then the User's Guide to Your Brain course is for you. The techniques learned in the workshop are infectious and I use them with my team in work to operate mindfully and razor sharp effectively. We remember the neuroplasticity of our brains and that anything is possible especially if we don't entertain stress. For both work and play the workshop has reinforced to me that I am accountable for not burning out and that it's up to me to show up with a sparkle in all areas of my life.
Curious to learn more....then sign up and let Hilde and Tina teach you more.”

Margaret Salley, Hewlett-Packard


Carole Ann Clarke, Entrepreneur & Marketing Expert

Workshop: Neuroscience for Leaders

This is a 2-day interactive workshop. It is designed as an intensive experiential programme where the latest neuroscience evidence meets a fresh, balanced and responsible approach to effective leadership and health. 

This workshop is for YOU, if you choose

  • positive intentional impact
  • sustainable success for your career and business
  • to recognise the signs of over-load or burn-out, in yourself and others
  • to show up potent, and to excel as a whole person
  • not to sacrifice your health, nor neglect your relationships, nor limit your joy
  • to be an inspiring role model, who creates a powerful, positive legacy through authentic and effective leadership.

Our goal is to help you consciously craft the impact you intend in a way that respects your life, strengthens your role as a leader and engages your employees.


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In-house Workshops and Facilitating Change

Our specialties to work in-house with organisations: 

  • Effectiveness, Performance and your Brain  
  • Successful Teams and Well-being
  • Leadership Impact & Executive Health
  • Organisational Culture, Profitability and Health
  • Conscious Leadership 
  • Employee Engagement & the Bottom Line
  • Mindfulness and Value
  • Learning and Training with the Brain in Mind
  • New Workshop: Neuroscience for Leaders

For further infomation please contact us. We're looking forward to discuss, what fits best for you and your organisation.



We offer open courses as well as modules, tailored in content and duration to suit your organisation’s needs. Open courses are offered in various locations across the UK, Ireland and Germany.

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